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Another Job Well Done!

Another Job Well Done!

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Thank you is so inadequate for this evening! We are honored to have you be a part of our family as we value our family experience and time above all else. Our extended family not only expanded their culinary experience but we're also privileged to learn from you and the stories and experiences you so willingly shared. Your time and instruction could not have been a more fitting birthday gift for Erin. We are all looking forward to planning another evening of cooking with you and a new menu!

Holly C.

Saturday evening was a blast! The demonstration was a huge hit. What a great way to socialize AND learn AND eat fabulous food! Everyone had a wonderful evening and we all get to re live it as we regal others with stories and examples from the evening. We had neighbors over last evening for a left over party. The risotto, bouillabaisse and chocolate mouse were just as good the second evening.
Thank you for making our holiday dinner such a huge success.

Jule C.

My wife and I can't stop talking about the wonderful experience you gave us on our 10th anniversary. You succeeded in making our anniversary one we will talk about for a lifetime. The food, the conversations, the cooking tips and just watching you work your MAGIC in our kitchen is what made this experience so wonderful. I asked you to help make our anniversary special and you exceeded all of my expectations. Thank you so much. We can't wait to have you back again!

Congressman Bill Sarpalius

I'm happy to give my highest recommendation to Chef Bernard. Not only has he performed outstandingly for an event we held, but as the point of contact for my office, I can't tell you what a pleasure it was to work with someone who anticipated my questions and needs in advance. It was the first time since I have come to Capitol Hill (1981) that I felt comfortable about an event BEFORE the event took place.

Chef Bernard uses the freshest ingredients and magically puts the dishes together for an awe-inspiring meal. He also provided linens, silver, china, candles, flowers, tables and chairs.

If you are looking for "one-stop shopping," then you want to call Chef Bernard. I have dealt with all the top catering firms in the Washington, DC area and I will call him again for the next event.
Elizabeth Becton
Scheduler/Office Manager
Office of Congresswoman Jo Ann Davis

Chef Bernard catered a small engagement party for my daughter. He was nothing short of amazing. We are American, she married an Iranian gentleman and frankly, I was extremely concerned about pleasing everyone, especially with regards to the food. He did a Mediterranean style buffet that exceeded everyone's expectations. He was both professional and charming and the in-laws still rave about the food.

I throw a lot of dinner parties and frankly will use no one else from now on. He was very patient with both my daughter and I and brides can be difficult! He actually listened to our concerns and again, the food was exceptional.

Chef Bernard:
I have to say that I absolutely loved this week's food!! The salad was great and it lasted for lunch for the week. The Pot Roast was very tasty and the celery root was delicious. I loved the cauliflower steaks and the pasta. Again, l loved the guac with it zing. I have to say that this is exactly the style and flavor of food that I enjoy and you got it down perfectly.
I had been meaning to call you to tell you how pleased I am with this week's food! The steak was yummy, chicken too, shrimp were divine and the cheese is really amazing with the olive/fig spread... It seems as if everything was really well thought out and prepared immaculately.
So far I am really loving the food. I had have the soup, farro salad and lamb chops; so far-yum!
Kavitha Reddy - Weekly Client

Hello Chef Bernard:
We had a wonderful time on Friday night and so did our clients! Thank you so much for the incredible food and service. We are very pleased with how the night went and we will be recommending you to others.
Erin Conron - Executive Assistant - PineRock Productions, Inc.

Hi Chef:
I just got your email and my mouth is watering at the choices! It's hard to pick because everything looks so good...
Elizabeth Blumberg - Nutritionist - E.B. Nutrition

You are fantastique, you are formidable!. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Merci, merci, merci!
Teresa Hanson

Bonjour Chef Bernard:
Once again, thank you so much for a lovely and delicious dinner. Everyone raved about it the entire evening!
Hue-Chan Karels - Open Kitchen Rental

The evening was quoted as "the highlight of the trip" by the family members, who got to enjoy your great food. We look forward to having over again, hopefully soon.
We are so devastated that you are not available to cook for our party. You have become part of our family and we feel very comfortable with you.
Suhela Luthra

Dear Chef Bernard:
Thank you very much for a wonderful evening. I heard such great praise for the food preparation - everyone was impressed. Everything was delicious. And, you and Lisa did a wonderful job setting up a beautiful table.
Alix Vance - Director - CQ Presse

That was exquisite dinner. Really special. A meal to always remember. Thanks for all of your detail to perfection. Linda was really happy and so was I.
Phil Meade

Chef Bernard:
My parents can't stop talking about how fabulous everything was last night - and we all agree. Thank you for your talent, kindness and generosity. Look forward to another party with you.
Helene Brody

Dear Chef Bernard:
Dinner last night was wonderful and the party was a huge success. You received rave reviews!
Diane Futrowsky

Chef Bernard:
It was very nice to work with you and we look forward to many more such parties.
Shirish Pareek

Dear Chef Bernard:
Thank you so much for your time. We loved the food you've prepared...we truly were impressed with your skill.
Shannon Roche - Democracy Alliance

Chef Bernard:
The party was a huge success due to you! The food was outstanding and you are now a legend in my neighborhood. Your chocolate mousse caused fights in my home. People tried to steal them and put them in their pockets!
Best party ever.
Many thanks,

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