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Is cooking second nature for you, or is the thought of cooking dinner for your boss or your in-laws sending you into panic mode? How long is your list of “what ifs”? Are you setting yourself up for a disastrous evening? No need to panic and worry! Chef Bernard will help you to plan and rehearse your dinner, making it a very enjoyable experience for everyone with memories that will last a lifetime. I can assist you with the following services:

  • Choosing a theme: It can be as simple as wine tasting with dishes to match, or you can orchestrate a Hawaiian Luau complete with leis and tiki torches.
  • Planning a menu: I will help you to plan your perfect meal and integrate your guests' tastes as well as your own.
  • Creating a budget: We will estimate the amount of food you'll need to prepare and develop a grocery list.
  • Preparing a "dry run" dinner: I will come to your house 48 or 72 hours prior to the event and will show you how to prepare, cook and serve a great meal that your guests will rave about forever! Chef Bernard will make you feel and look like a great cook!
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