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I believe BBQ can be created only one way: slow smoked over real hard wood until itís so tender it melts in your mouth. This together with my own house BBQ sauce, and heaven awaits! Living and working in one of the most diverse communities in the world allows me to spread my culinary wings and create a number of regional and international menus from which you can select. And if you wish, you may create your own BBQ with a selection of mix and match options. Let Chef Bernard cater your next BBQ and Pool Parties, so you can spend quality time with your guests. These parties are buffet style, served by the host or hostess, or served by the chef. Prices are dependant upon number of courses and complexity of the selected menu.

  • Full Service BBQ parties include planning, shopping, preparing the food and clean up.
  • Partial Service BBQ include planning, shopping, preparing the food and setting up the food for the host or the hostess to serve. I can leave before your guests even arrive.

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