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Food always brings people together. Chef Bernard events create an environment that promotes creativity, communication and cooperation among participants, allowing them to relate in ways not possible at the office.

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Looking for an enjoyable Team Building event for your employees or clients? Is your law firm looking for the perfect mixer for the summer intern program?  Chef Bernard will customize a hands-on Culinary Team Building offsite event or Private Cooking party to meet your specific needs.

The essential elements of teamwork in the workplace are transferred into our kitchen as team members are called upon to use creativity, communication skills, collaboration, commitment, goal orientation and leadership.

With the assistance of our professional chefs, team members work together to prepare a gourmet meal in restaurant kitchen setting, and then “break bread” while enjoying their meal together.  PRIOR CULINARY EXPERIENCE NOT REQUIRED!

A typical Culinary Team Building experience will proceed as follows:

  • Before the event, I will obtain background information so the team building experience can be customized for your group.
  • To start off the event, your group will enjoy appetizers and refreshments.
  • The group will receive their menu and recipe packets and aprons.
  • The program begins with an introduction and orientation by Chef Bernard.
  • Next there will be a group lesson in basic techniques used in the preparation of the dishes, as well as a safety and sanitation overview led by the chef.
  • Then the fun begins! Under the guidance of experienced, approachable and friendly chef instructors, the teams work together to create a feast from fresh and specialty ingredients. Our staffing allows for a high degree of personal attention to promote good cooking techniques and useful kitchen tips. All attendees will receive a booklet with recipes. The event coordinator will get a CD or USB key containing all photos taken during the event.
  • Let's Eat! After enjoying the fruits of their labor, teams may continue to relax and socialize.
  • Total event time: 3 to 4 hours.

Recent corporate clients include:
Aetna Insurance
Marriott International

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